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longfic; The Daily life of EXO: Kindergarten brats' version {chap 1}

Rating PG
Word Count 1479
Pairings None
Chapter summary Sehun is scared of moving whereas the other 11 boys are way too boisterous

Chap 1
New kid in town

| Scared

Oh Sehun never likes to make friends. And he never has any real friends.

Because 1) he is too handsome compared to other boys so he gets hated and bullied by them, 2) girls are too shy to talk to him because they are afraid to get bullied by other girls and boys.

However Sehun thinks that because he is too ugly, that’s why people tease and outcast him (boy how wrong he is).

The five-year-old Sehun now faces another crisis in his life—moving. He never likes the idea since he has to meet other people. Has being bullied in one place not enough? Now he will be bullied by other people in different place. Only thinking of that makes him shiver like a little prey in front of a terrifying predator.

“Sehunnie-ah, you will like this new place.” His mom comes into his room the night before his first day in the new school. Sehun—being unable to sleep due to the nervousness, glances at his mom, mumbles:


“I’m sure. I promise.” His mom laughs a little while she ruffles her son’s fluffly hair. Then she gestures the ‘promise’ hand sign in front of his face. Sehun hestitately responses back to his mother’s gesture. “Now be a good boy and go to sleep, ok?”

His mom kisses him on the forehead before heading out of the room. She turns off the light and wishes him, “goodnight, Hunnie-ah.”

“You too, mom.” Sehun whispers.


| Good boy

“We are here, at last!” His mom exclaims happily when they are in front of the teacher office. Their house is close enough to walk to school everyday.

Opposite to his mom, Sehun doesn’t look like he is having fun at all. Remembering what happens in the past school scares him a little. Thinking of a strategy that could help him escape from here, he starts to cry.

“Uwahh mom… I… really don’t want to!!!” He screams loudly. His mom flutters.

“Sehunnie—what happens?”

“I hate school.” Sehun sobs.

“But…” Being unstable, his mom is trying to think of an answer that can please him. At that time a middle aged man step outside from the office, smiles nicely at Sehun and starts talking to Sehun:

“But you know, every kid here receive a superpower.”

“S-superpower?” Sehun innocently looks up to the man’s face. The word somehow draws his attention.

“Yeah! And you will have one too! If you behave well, of course!” The man continues. Sehun immediately stops crying. He clumsily wipes out the tears from his eyes, then looks straight in the man’s eyes asks:

“How about now? Am I good?”

“Yes you are! Good boy Sehunnie.” The man ruffles Sehun’s hair and smiles.

Sehun gives him a bright smile.

Then the man brings out the chart of different superpower so that Sehun can choose for himself. Sehun looks at the chart for a while, then he points to the word ‘wind’, “I like this.”

“Alright. You are wind and this is your badge.” The man hands Sehun a nice looking badge with a distinct image, indicating Sehun’s little power. Sehun happily receives the badge from the man and looks at his mom, smiling to his fullest. His mom looks at him and smiles back.

“Thank you, Mr. President.” She bows to the man, with a thankful and respectful manner.

“No problem. You can go home now. We will take care of the boy for you.”

“Thank you.” Mrs. Oh bows again. “Bye Hunnie. I will come to pick you up this afternoon, ok?” Then she waves to her son before she leaves the scene.

“Ok mom!” Sehun is too busy looking at the badge to look back at his mother. But he doesn’t forgot to say ‘bye’ back to his mom.

“Ok Sehun, this is miss Kim. She will be your homeroom teacher, be nice to her ok?” Mister president introduces a young looking and dynamic teacher for Sehun.

“Hello Sehunnie. Let’s be nice to each other ok?”



| Introduction

Ms. Kim leads Sehun to a class at the far back in the hallway. The sign of the class reads ‘Class 1S’.

“This will be your second home from today.” Ms. Kim says while holding Sehun’s hand.

Sehun grabs ms. Kim’s hand harder but later he nods, “un!”

Ms. Kim holds Sehun’s hand and both of them walk into the noisy class.

Even though the teacher already steps in the class, the atmosphere doesn’t seem to quiet down, instead the 11 boys scream and play harder than before.

“Guys! Be quiet so I can introduce our new friend!”

Hearing the word ‘new friend’ helps quiet down the boys a little bit. Those 11 boys docilely stop talking and playing around. They face the teacher and Sehun.

“Sehun, let’s introduce yourself to the class.” Ms. Kim whispers to Sehun’s ear in an encouraging tone.

“Um… um… hi.” It takes him a while to properly say the word ‘hi’.

“HI~” Other 11 boys greet him back in harmony, which scatters our little boy Sehun.

“I-I’m Oh Sehun. Nice to meet you!” Sehun quickly talks and bows 90 degree down. 11 boys doesn’t response, instead they look among themselves. Sehun is nervous and his thought starts to wander: Did I say something wrong? Was my face too ugly? Will I be bullied again?

But when he notices, his back already touches the ground, having 11 other boys with warm hugs on top of him.

“HI Sehun!!” The other boys are trying to hug him and greet him at the same time. As the result, 11 of them push Sehun fall down but it doesn’t bother them at all. They still continue to hug the boy. It causes a ruckus in the class.

“Now now boys! Don’t scare Sehun like that!!” Ms. Kim is trying hard to pull the oher kids out of Sehun—who pretty much freaks out. Poor little Sehun misunderstands the situation and thinks that he is bullied again…

“Now guys, introduce yourself to Sehun!” Ms. Kim says after pulling out all of them. “Nicely.” She glares at them, knowing they will cause a ruckus right after that. To her surprise, they take her words obiediently.

“Hi~ I’m Park Chanyeol!” The kid with a bright smile starts first. His smile gives people around him a warm and happy feeling.

“Hi, I’m Kim Junmyeon. But you can call me Suho!” This kid is the one who gives off an intellectual feeling even though sometimes his actions can be considered as pabo.

“Hello~ I’m Byun Baekhyun.” This kid is the type of kid that can get into trouble easily because of his mouth and playful personality. Otherwise, he can be the one who lightens up the atmosphere.

“Hello there, I’m Kim Jongdae! At home I’m called Chen.” Another kid with talkative and troll personality. He will be the one, along with Baekhyun, talks nonstop and thinks of jokes to pull off from other members in class.

“Hi, I’m Luhan! My name means a little deer in the morning. Nice to meet you!!” He has this warm and nice aroma around him that makes you feel safe and comfortable around him. He is the type of kid that will stand up when he doesn’t like something.

“Hello, I’m Do Kyungsoo.” A kid who only speaks with his eyes because he is shy and doesn’t really like to raise his voice.

“Hello hello. I’m Kim Jongin!” His complexion is darker than other boy, plus, he has this aura of becoming a pop star in the future which makes he stand out more than other.

“I’m Zhang Yixing. Lay is fine too.” Kids with dimples are no joke because they are so cute, you just want to give them a tight hug and squeeze them in your arms. Lay is no exception.

“Hi there! I’m Huang Zitao. Call me Tao!!!” He has this innocent and sensitive look on his face that will make you want to bully him, at the same time protect him.

“Hi! I’m Kim Minseok!” A kid with a chubby face that also makes you want to squeeze him in your arms because of his cuteness. He seems like the type who doesn’t cause much trouble but can be hard to handle at times.

And there is…

“Yo, I’m Wu Yifan—Kris.” A kid whose head is somewhere outside the galaxy with indifferent actions and thoughts from normal people. Even though he is trying hard to act cool but ends up becoming a gag for other members.

“Cha~ I hope that you guys will get along and play with each other, ok?” Ms. Kim claps her hands while having a big grin on her face when she sees their reaction.

Pfft, if only that could happen…

End chap 1.
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