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drabble; memo

rating pg
word count 578
genres fluff, romance
pairings chanyeol & oc
summary the fact that she liked to scribble on her hands caught chanyeol's attention


"what's that on your hand?" was his first question to her. she looked up from her cellphone.

"just a memo for today," she uttered.

"i see. you must have bad memory then?"

"sort of," she shrugged a bit. however, she didn't feel annoyed or irked.


"i'm no expert in girls, but i'm pretty sure that's not how you pick up a girl," jongday tried to advice chanyeol after listening to his story, whilst baekhyun struggled in the background to hold up his laughter.

"i was nervous, ok?" chanyeol sighed as he let himself leaned on the school's cafeteria's chair. "and no, i'm not picking anyone. i was just wondering the thing on her hands." chanyeol suddenly remembered of jongdae's words, and immediately denied them.

"sure chanyeol, sure," baekhyun smirked. after that, he kept on giggling to himself to the point it grossed both of jongdae and chanyeol out.

"shut up baekhyun." chanyeol whined


"so," chanyeol's sudden words startlered her a bit, "what do you have to do today?" he laughed it off when he saw her surprised face.

"buy some stuffs on my way home," she was always short with words. her answer was never longer than ten words. and yes, he counted them. creepy much?

"i see," chanyeol nodded. he wanted to ask more, like what stuff, like where, like when, like with who. but he was pretty sure those questions would just give him off the creepy vibe, and he was making sure that part of him would have been shown off somewhere along their short, almost meaningless sometimes, conversation.


she was always alone when he saw her. whenever it was in biology class (even though it was the only class they have together, he was pleased), or during lunch. she alwasy had that cold vibe. in fact, she never opened up to anyone. the only thing that caught his attention was the things scribbled on her hands. whenever he saw her, he would always see something on her hands. someday, the scribble was super long. someday it was unexpectedly short. he had watched long enough to feel curious about those scribbles.

chanyeol definitely was not some sort of shy or awkward guy in front of girls. he was someone who would undoubtedly stand out in a crowd. he was tall, his laugh was contagious and his ridiciously low voice, which didn't match with his baby face at all, was an extra credit.

but then, somehow, his charm was overshadowed by her cold image. and the way she nonchalantly responsed his questions promted him getting to know her more. or at least that was what he thought.


"since your memory is bad, should i help you?" chanyeol offered as he pulled out a chair and sat next to her.

much to her bewilderment, chanyeol looked surprising pleased with his statement. even jongdae and baekhyun were shocked when they heard this during his so-called 'preparation'.

"like how?" she quickly pulled back to her usual self. it was not like she would receive a flirty line from a guy everyday.

she looked directly into his big dark brown eyes. she was no beauty. but the way she looked at him was mesmerizing. he cannot pull himself out her fairly big dazzling hazel eyes.

at that moment, the situation flipped. chanyeol was trapped into her world, instead of trying to get her into his.

and it all started from a memo on her hand.

note drabble of the day. inspired by my own memo (lol sad life)
no beta, not much edit, short time writing, so there might be bunch of grammar mistake
i dont name the oc's name because i couldnt think of any good name. and i cant find the right time to introduce her name so yeah
i feel like writing this because im so done with all the calculations and scientific terms. go screw yourselves math and science.
Tags: drabble, exo
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