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longfic; The Daily life of EXO: Kindergarten brats' version {chap 7}

Rating PG
Word Count 1647
Pairings None
Chapter summary How 12 derps discuss for their Christmas party ft. the frustrated nice miss Kim.

Chap 7
Christmas day


| Christmas is coming

Twelve more days until Christmas, but it seems like nobody has patience. Why? Because Tao keeps on randomly shouts out “I want Gucci” (seriously Tao) in the middle of the class; Chanyeol is being a hyper brat who constantly goes around with his newly given presents from the members of the class but is still expecting more gifts on Christmas. Baekhyun is persistently repeating his sentence “I want a new car” to his mom; Minseok is trying to reduce his eating portion since the beginning of December so that he can stuff all the food on Christmas. Jongdae and Kyungsoo are secretly hoping for Christmas’ decoration day in the class; Jongin tries to act like he doesn’t care but in fact has been writing dozen of letters to Santa Claude. Yixing shamelessly writes his wish on small papers “I want a unicorn with Yixing on it” and uses glue to stick them on available space of the wall in class, following evil Yifan who just doesn’t care about Christmas at all, cold-bloodedly scribble under most of Yixing’s wishing paper “try something real”.  Junmyeon, who is also trying to be cool, heads out of class once in a while to check if Mr. Claude comes early this year. Seems like Sehun and Luhan are the only normal obedient kids around.

Like the other year, all the kids in school will celebrate early in class with friends and teachers before they go off for holiday, which is Monday next week. Ms. Kim and the twelve boys have planned all the decorations and food out the whole week.

“It’s sad that miss Moon is not here with us this year.” Miss Kim sighs as they are discussing about what to eat during that day.

“Who is miss Moon?” It’s Sehun’s first time hearing the name. He turns to Jongdae—since they are sitting next to each other, wonders.

“Oh. She’s our other teacher. But she goes home for some reasons.”

“It’s her family business.” Junmyeon sitting next to both of them corrects Jongdae.

“Ok so what do you guys want for this Christmas?” Miss Kim takes a deep breath and cheerfully asks the kids.

“A SUPER DUPER BIG CAKE!” Minseok is the first one to shout. He has been starving himself just for that day. “A SUPER DUPER BIG KIMBAB! A SUPER DUPER BIG TTOBOKKI! A SUPER DUPER—” He keeps shouting until Jongdae leans on the front to cover his mouth.

“We get it Minseok.” Jongdae continues, “I want Kobe beef.”

“…” Miss Kim is stunned for a moment. She then glares at the forever-trolling brat Jongdae, “nice try buddy. Anybody else?”

“Fried chicken! Rice with chickens! Noodle with chickens! Cake with chicken on top.” Jongin raises his voice with sparkling eyes.

“Ok ok. Chickens it is.” Miss Kim stops Jongin before he trails off to somewhere else.

“Ttobokki with chickens, buns with chicken, Kobe beef with chickens…” Jongin mumbles.

“Moooving onnnn…” This time she decides to ignore Jongin and asks for other preferences.

“Let’s have a BBQ!” Junmyeon’s excited voice startles most of the boys since all of them are in a deep mood of thinking something delicious to eat.

“It will cause a lot of trouble Junmyeon.” Miss Kim feels like not doing it since she will have to cook and keeps of these boys out the grills, which is already tiring even when she only thinks of it.

“Just say that you’re lazy.” Yifan smirks while he says that.

Miss Kim swears, if they weren’t cute and still baby, she would already murder half of them because they keep getting on her nerve.

“Continue. Do you have any idea Yifan?” She looks at his eyes, challenging.

“I’m fine with anything.” Kris coolly shrugs.

“No you should have your own idea. This is life Yifan.” Miss Kim insists.

“Um… ok…” After a while, he continues, “I want Samgyeopsal and Kimchi stew.”

“That’s also like BBQ, Yifan… And BBQ is tiring…” Miss Kim comments on his choice.

“See? This is why I dun wanna share it.” Kris shrugs again like he doesn’t care.

“Fine. Who else?” Miss Kim gives up on Kris. Even though his face is cute, his personality is still a lil’ brat (though he seems to be the most mature).

“I want soy sauce crab!!” Zitao is quite happy with his choice and he is confident it will get picked.

“No Tao. You will dirty it.” Miss Kim flatly rejects his idea, although she still scribbles it on the board. If they couldn’t fine anything good and makes sense to the class’ budget, she will re-consider most of the ideas.

“Oh oh!” Chanyeol suddenly jumps in excitement as he raises his hand, “how about a fountain of chocolate?”

“We cannot afford that Yeollie.” Miss Kim seems to lose her control but still manages to keep it cool.

“I want ox bone soup!” This time is Baekhyun.

“Again guys, think of something that is in our pocket’s money and affordable.” Miss Kim half yells.

“What’s affordable?” Sehun naively asks.

“It means the great Chenchen.” Jongdae jumps in.

“No Jongdae.” Miss Kim glares at the bustlingly Jongdae. “It means we can buy something with our own money.” Miss Kim smiles sweetly at Sehun, who is currently the most obedient member (along with Luhan).

“Oh then I want steamed lobster.” Sehun nods at the explanation and adds.

“Erm Sehunnie… that’s a bit….” Miss Kim is dumbfounded at Sehun’s recommendation, “expensive.” She gulps.

“Why? My family can buy that on the weekend.” He tilts his head a little bit.

Damn you rich boys… Somewhere in her heart, she knows she is slowly killing herself with frustration.

“Let’s all have dimsum.” Yixing lazily raises his hand up. Miss Kim notes on his recommendation since it’s the most normal one among the others.

“No Yixing. Dimsum is boring,” Luhan shakes his head. “I want mac and cheese.” Luhan blinks his eyes nonstop at miss Kim, hoping she would accept his small wish.

“Mac and cheese… hum… that’s actually not a bad idea.” Miss Kim nods and feels satisfied at Luhan’s asnwer. No wonder she flavors him the most. He is the most mature out of all the brats she has to take care of. Don’t blame her. Of course she loves her job and… those kids (which she hates to admit but they are cute at times). However they often go wild which is hard for her to handle alone. Oh how she wishes miss Moon come back from her break. “How about you Kyungsoo?” She notices Kyungsoo hasn’t said anything from the beginning until now.

“Anything is fine.” Kyungsoo looks around. He doesn’t really have his own preferences. He is fine with anything the members suggest to be honest.

Finally, another sweetheart…

“Are you sure? You can say anything then we will consider it together.” Miss Kim smiles kindly at Kyungsoo. She also knows that a part of him is kind of shy to share his own choice. Kyungsoo just shakes his head.


“Ok then. Let’s take a look again. We have Kimbab, Ttobokki…”

Minseok impatiently interrupts her and corrects, “super duper.”

“…” She stops and sees a really desperate Minseok looking at her. She gives in, “fine. Super duper Kimbab, super duper Ttobokki, chicken…s, Kimchi stew, dimsum, and mac and cheese. Ok let’s vote for—” Before miss Kim is able to finish her sentence, Jongdae vivaciously cuts her off.

“I wanna eat all.”

“No. We are not that ric—” Again, before miss Kim can finish another sentence, Tao, like a diva, interrupts:

“I think it’s a good idea.”

“What good?”

“Eat all.” Tao winks.

“No. And please stop that winking thing.” Miss Kim nearly face-palms.

“Why not??” Minseok whines.

“Like I said, we don’t have enoug—”

“Miss Kim so selfish.” Chanyeol gives miss Kim a judgmental look.

What the hell Chanyeol?? Miss Kim widens her eyes at Chanyeol, who is pretty serious.

“True.” Baekhyun agrees with Chanyeol (after a verryyyy long timee).

“True.” Yixing follows Baekhyun in agreeing with Chanyeol for some reasons.

“Chanyeol is right.” Even though he is wording differently, it’s clearly that Junmyeon takes Chanyeol’s side for some reasons.

“She’s lazy too.” Yifan adds. Next to him are the nodding Kyungsoo and Jongin.

Wtf Yifan? You’re not the one to say…

Even though Sehun and Luhan are not saying anything, they both give this judging look to miss Kim, who is now really confused at the situation and wonders why are those kids bullying her.

“Ok fine fine. We will eat all. Happy?” She half yells after being oppressed from 12 sides.

“Yay!! Miss Kim jjang!!” Everyone jumps in excitement when they hear she announce that.

My money…

Miss Kim laughs outside, whilst cries a river inside.


| Decorating the classroom

The Christmas decorations are provided from the school with some funky and nice ornaments, some garlands, bows, stockings and a big, tall Christmas tree.

“Ok everybody, let’s decorate it together!!” Miss Kim brightly shouts to get attention from her students. As she expects, most of them runs to her with joy (which are Minseok, Jongin, Jongdae, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Luhan), some casually walk to her (Junmyeon, and Kyungsoo), some of them are too lazy to move away from their spots (Yifan—why is no one surprise lol, Sehun—mysteriously influenced by Kris, and Tao—hangs out with Kris too much), while Yixing is soundly sleeping in the middle of the class because he needs the fan directly freshens him.

The next thing miss Kim knows is that her class becomes a battlefield where ornaments are thrown like darts and fake presents are treated as shields.

Somewhere along the line, she hears some brats shouting, “build a cave, quickly.”

Miss Moon... I desperately need you back...

End chap 7.


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