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longfic; The Daily life of EXO: Kindergarten brats' version {chap 4}

Rating PG
Word Count 815
Pairings None
Chapter summary The story of the Kungfu panda and the shy boy.

Chap 4
Tao & Sehun


| Kungfu Pandaz

“Guys, check this out.” Tao exclaims in front of the class, but other kids show no interest in whatever he is saying. “GUYSS!!” Tao desperately shouts to get attention.

“Guys, let’s pay attention to Tao.” Finally Yifan sighs as he asks other brats to look at Tao—who is on the venge of crying.

The other brats lazily turn their heads around to face Zitao. Upon seeing that, Tao stops his tears immediately and begins talking: “Today I shall show you guyz my skillz.”

“Skill? What skill?” Jongdae questions.

“Kungfu skillz of course!!” Tao pouts, unsatisfied when he sees Jongdae’s confused face.

“You have?” Chanyeol blurts out.

“I DO.” Tao snarls.

“Now now be nice to him.” Junmyeon jumps in the picture when he feels something is ‘bout to happen—something bad. “Please do.” Then he turns his head towards Tao and gestures him to do whatever he will be doing.

“Ahem. This is KUNGFUZ PANDAZ TAOZZZ!!!!” Tao screams as he begins to jump into the air, throwing his arms and legs through the air. As he lands, he tries to make a turn (which he fails miserably). Then he tries to throw some kicks and hits in the air.

“Hey why does he have to put ‘z’ at the end of every word?” Sehun innocently whispers to Luhan’s ears.

Luhan shrugs, “I don’t know. It’s cool?”


“So? How do ya’ll think?” Tao stops and breathes heavily.  He feels pretty confident about his performance and hopes that it has somehow captivated the audience.

However, the other brats just sit there, eyes are still wide open along with their mouths, being dumbfound. They just don’t know what he just does. As the silence becomes awkward, Sehun stands up and claps his hands.

“It’s good right??” Tao happily walks to Sehun’s place. Sehun nods several times before he starts:

“Yeah. Nice dance move!”

There goes the silence again. This time, it’s more awkward compared to before.







“PFFFTTTT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Chanyeol starts laughing and rolling on the floor (literally).

“What cha say Sehun??” Baekhyun is trying hard to stop laughing so that he can properly ask Sehun.

“Dance?? Pfft HAHAHAHAHAHA” Even Kyungsoo can’t keep his usual composure, bursts out laughing hard.

“HAHAHAHAHA omg Hunnie Hunnie, you’re funny.” Junmyeon shakes his head as he pats on Sehun’s shoulder.

Tao stands still because he feels really humiliated, while Sehun stands still because he is confused on what the others say. It is supposed to be a compliment, but he doesn’t get why other kids start laughing so hard. It looks like Jongin’s dancing—like those jumps; even the throwing of legs and hands is similar.

“What? I’m being honest. It does.” Sehun continues to defend for himself and hopefully can make Tao feel better. However the situation gets worse when he adds.

“Shhh.” Kyungsoo quickly covers Sehun’s mouth before he can say anything more.  “It’s better to stop. You’ll make him cry.”


| Tao is a nice boy

In the midst of chaos and uproar, standing there are two young boys who have had a small quarrel, as a result, one is mad and one is ignored.

“Tao~ wanna play?” Sehunnie slowly approaches Tao, shyly asks.

Tao is currently in a bad bad mood. The reason is Sehun and his really-thoughtful-compliment-but-actually-not. Now Sehun has to fine a way to make up with Tao and brighten Tao’s mood up, which is definitely a hard challenge for Sehun. For all his years on Earth, he never really communicates with anybody. On top of that, he was bullied in his past school. Now that he has to make up with somebody. Not-so-easy-task-to-do-for-a-newbie.

Tao hears Sehun’s question. He hears it. But he doesn’t want to reply. Who would want to reply the person that just humiliates the great Kungfu Panda Tao? Not even he himself wants to hear it. Ever. Never.

“Tao, I’m shawwy. Please be happy again~” Sehun pouts, his eyes are a little bit teary. Tao sees it on the corner of his eyes. He is a sensitive young little boy. So later he finds himself tear up a little too. But he tries hard to keep it inside.

“… I’ll wait for you.”

Sehun says. He disheartenedly walks to the other side of the room. His head looks down to the ground. His back leans front a little. He walks carelessly.

Tao quietly tilts his head to Sehun’s direction.

Seeing Sehun’s figure hurts Tao somehow. We all know how sensitive our Zitao is. So he forgets all his anger from before and starts running and hugging Sehun from behind.

“It’s ok. I forgive you,” he says.



“Tao is nice.” Sehun turns and hugs Tao.

“I know.” Tao patting Sehun’s back while accepts the compliment as if it’s a normal thing.

End chap 4.
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