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longfic; The Daily life of EXO: Kindergarten brats' version {chap 3}

Rating PG
Word Count 899
Pairings None
Chapter summary Jongin shows off his dancing skill to the naive Sehun; whilst Baekhyun and Chanyeol fight over a toy car.
Chap 3


“Bye bye. See ya tomorrow!!”

The 12 kids are goofying around with each other when the moms come to pick them up. Sehun is the sixth one to get picked up. He cheerfully waves to the remaining six kids in the classroom as he walks out with his mom.

“So… how’s today?”

His mom asks him when the two are walking home. Sehun is grinning throughout the way which makes Mrs. Oh curious.

“It was fun! I berry like it!!” Sehun opens his eyes widely as he says. His mom chuckles.




| Good friend

The moment Sehun steps into the classroom, he hears a loud noise that scatters him.

“A-are you ok??”

Sehun worrily comes beside the baby Jongin when he sees Jongin’s butt touches the ground harshly.

“I’m fine. It’s nothing.” Jongin coolly says even though his butt hurts as hell.



Sehun pulls Jongin up from the ground. Jongin clumsily brushes off the dust from his butt by his hands.

“What are you doing?” Sehunnie curiously wonders.

“Me? I’m dancing.” Jongin proudly answers.

“Dancing?” Sehun repeats. He is not sure of the word.

“Yeah. Wanna see?” Jongin asks.

“Un.” Sehun quickly nods.

Jongin takes a deep breath then he starts to jump up and down. He even spins and hops. He does all kind of actions he can think of as Sehun watches him.


Sehunnie—who is clueless about the term ‘dancing’ and the concept behind it, still claps for Jongin when he finishes his little performance.

“Good good!” Sehun says. He even thumbs up while saying so. His action somehow makes Jongin blushes a little. Because before, when he offers to dance for other class members, they will either ignore it and play among themselves (such as Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen, and Tao), or harshly criticize him (like Kris, Luhan, and Junmyeon), or don’t care at all (for example, Lay, Minseok and Kyungsoo).

“You are a good friend.” Jongin thrills. He pats Sehun on the shoulder as he covers his mouth from happiness.


| The Divergents Byun Baekhyun and Park Chanyeol

It all happens when Chanyeol wants to touch Baekhyun’s brand new toy car he brings to class today.

“Hey, can I play with that too?”

Chanyeol takes all his courage to ask for Baekhyun. Baekhyun is a jerk when it comes to his toys. He wouldn’t let anyone to play or even touch his toys because he thinks that they will break his toys eventually. His bestfriend—Chanyeol is not an exception either. The reason that he brings his toys to class is just to show off his stuffs to other kids in class. And it works. Because half of the class looks at his toy with amazementand jealousy. They all want to touch that toy car badly.


Of course they all know the answer.

“Pleaseeee.” Chanyeol stubbornly asks again, even though they all can predict the answer.


Baekhyun answers firmly.

“…” Chanyeol pouts. He wants to touch it badly, like really badly. “Why so selfish?” Chanyeol mumbles under his breath.

“What?” Baekhyun glares at him when he hears something from Chanyeol’s voice.

“C’on. Lemme play too!!” Chanyeol couldn’t hold back his desire, he goes for a full-on attack.

“NO!!!” Baekhyun screams when he sees Chanyeol’s hand reaches to his toy.

Chanyeol forcefully uses his energy to slightly touch the toy.

“YAHH!!!” Baekhyun throws a tantrum, with the feeling of disbelief in what he sees. “YOU!!!”

“Merong~” Chanyeol, who is able to feel a little satisfied, sticks his tongue out to piss Baekhyun off.

The energetic Byun Baekhyun pushes Chanyeol to the ground. And the two of them begin fighting and shouting. Of course other kids try to come in between to stop the two of them but they couldn’t. Most of them want to watch the drama, some of them are too just scared to do anything, and some of them just act like they don’t care and don’t know.

“Yah yah yah. What is happening here?” Ms. Kim returns from the toilet, horrified when she sees the chaos scenery when she is gone. “Byun Baekhyun! Park Chanyeol! Stop at once!”

She drags the two of them out from the fight. Leaving a sigh, Ms. Kim gentlely asks both of them: “Tell me, what happened?”

“Chanyeol touches my stuff without permission.” Baekhyun begins to sniffle.

“Because Baekhyun is being selfish.” Chanyeol explains.

“Ok ok. Fine. Both of you, apology to each other, now.” Ms. Kim sighs. She demands both of them to do so. At first either of them wants to say ‘sorry’ but since Ms. Kim is intensely staring at them. They have no choice but to apologize to each other.

“I’m sorry for having nicer toys.” Baekhyung starts.

“Baek—” Ms. Kim is about to scold him when Chanyeol jumps in.

“It’s fine. I’m sorry for not feeling sorry.” He nods at his response, feeling extremely pleased with his answer.

“Yah! Both of you! The corner! Now!”

“Tsk. Why do they want to piss off miss Kim?” Junmyeon standing from afar comments upon the situation. He tries to act like an adult by crossing his arms and shaking his head as he asks.

“’Cause… they are Baekhyun and Chanyeol.” Kyungsoo nonchalantly responses. Junmyeon looks down to where Kyungsoo is sitting, thinks.

“Maybe you’re right.” Finally he nods in agreement.

End chap 3.
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