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longfic; The Daily life of EXO: Kindergarten brats' version {chap 2}

Rating PG
Word Count 883
Pairings None
Chapter summary When we make mistake, we apologize.

Chap 2
New friends


| Can I play with you?

These 11 boys are no jokes.

They are so boisterous and loud, their class often gets complaints from other teachers saying that their noise disturbs and sometimes scares other kids.

It’s not that they want to be noisy, but there are some many things to play and talk to each other. But the other members never pay attention and they only pay attention on their own stuff.

Even though the class is loud, Sehun is easily found at the corner of the room playing alone. He doesn’t seem lonely, but he often glances at where the other 11 boys are playing and secretly hopes that he will be able to be in there too.

His dream is not that hard to obtain when Luhan starts notice that Sehun is by himself. Luhan hurrily leaves the chaos scene and comes to Sehun.

“What are you doing?” Luhan asks.

“I’m playing.” Sehun is a little bit scared when Luhan approaches him. He stops pushing the toy car.

“…” Luhan stops for a while. “My name. You remember?” His face is so close to Sehun’s which makes Sehun freak out a little.

The bashful five-year-old boy nods. “Luhan,” he utters.

“Hehe. Can I play with you?” Luhan lets out a satisfied smile.

Our little Luhan is the type that can get along with just everybody and that no one can really hate him because everything he does is just too cute and lovable.

“Can I join too?” This time is our baby Minseok. He believes Luhan is his bestfriend and that they will do everything together. So when he sees Luhan approaches to the new kid, he is a little jealous.

“S-sure.” Sehun says in a nervous tone. He never talks to that many people in school before.

“Lemme play too!” There come Lay—another kid who is attached to Luhan unconditionally.

“Me too.” Baekhyun quickly switches side when he hears the noise from the other side of the room. No party starts without him—he strongly believes that theory.

“Me too! Me too!” Another party-hard person—Chanyeol steps in the picture. No wonder Baekhyun and he are besties, although they kind of fight a lot (fists shape men’s friendship, yes?)

“Yah, stop it (following me)!!!” Baekhyun says with an unsatisfied tone. Chanyeol glares at him.

“Yah, why? I’m not!”

“Yeah you are!”

“No I am not!!”





“Somebody stop them…” Chen says while he and the other nine stare at the two fighting, “and it’s not me.”

Soon enough, the teacher realizes that the 12 of them begin to play with each other. Even though there are a few fights here and there (mainly between Baek and Yeol); screams from Tao because he is too excited for unknown reasons; random singing moments of Chen and Junmyeon because they think they have good voices; small worlds where only Kyungsoo and Yifan can enter aka they are lying down, doing nothing; small talks and giggles between Luhan, Sehun and Minseok; car races (and then fight) of Jongin and Lay; they all seem to have fun.


| Shawwy

“Hey.” Sehun is sitting alone (again—because little Luhan has to go to the toilet) when Baekhyun comes to him. Sehun looks up. He doesn’t feel nervous anymore as they treat him way nicer than those kids from the last school.


“What’s your power?”

“Power?” Sehun is confused.

“Yeah. You know. Power.” On the other hand, Baekhyun is still short of words for some reason.

“It’s wind.” Finally he understands what Baekhyun is trying to say.

“Mine is light. The biggest—” Baekhyun proudly presents his superpower. He even pats his chest while saying that. However he doesn’t get to finish his sentence as Junmyeon cuts in:

“You mean the strongest?” Junmyeon is smart, indeed. But he also likes to show off his intelligence sometimes, which annoys other people most of the time.

“I know.” Baekhyun, upon being corrected, feels embarassed. And he chooses to ignore Junmyeon.

“Light is not the strongest. Fire is.” Chanyeol speaks up when he hears the declaration. He doesn’t like when Baekhyun has more opportunity to talk than him.

“Guys, we all know lightning is the strongest.” Jongdae runs to where the boys are standing.

“No. Time control is!!” Tao sensitively shouts.

“Shut up Tao. You’re weak.” Baekhyun says.

“Hey stop being mean to Tao!” Kris, out of nowhere, comes to Baekhyun and hits his head.

“!!” Baekhyun—as much as he wants to throw a tantrum and runs to Ms. Kim’s place, he can’t. His opponent is Kris afterall. The big guy who is responsible taking care everyone when the teacher is not around. Kris has this aura that no kid can really talk back.

“Guys, let be nice to each other, ok?” Lay politely says with his extremely soft voice. His words make other take in consideration and feel ashame about their childish actions. They stop shouting at each other and reflect on their own fault.

“I’m shawwy.” Baekhyun pouts as he apologizes to both Kris and Tao.

“It’s ok.” Kris coolly says, while Tao standing next to him nods.

Wait, that’s it? No apologize back?

Whatever, they make up. That’s the important part.

End chap 2.

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